Milk chocolate almond diced

Milk chocolate covered almond diced is a perfect ingredient to use in pastry making to decorate cakes, ice cream, and dessert cookies.

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Milk chocolate covered almond diced is a product that belongs to the category of chocolate dragées. Appreciated for its excellent quality, it is widely used in confectionery to top cakes and beyond, milk chocolate covered almond diced can be used as a topping for cream cookies, ice cream and even yogurt.

We use selected almonds to make almond diced, making sure that nutritional and organoleptic properties are retained when the product is finished. Not surprisingly, among dried fruit, the almond takes a special place and is not only used as a food in cooking but, because of its well known properties, is also used in cosmetics. For this reason, D.A.R. S.R.L. carefully controls the entire supply chain process.

Milk chocolate covered almond diced: mode of storage

Almonds in their shells can also be stored for a few months, while if they are without them they should be consumed in a very short period. For milk chocolate covered almond diced, we recommend storing the product in a cool, dry place.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 518kcal/2168kj
Fats 31.4
– of which saturated 8.1
Carbohydrates 50.4
– of which sugars 49
Fibers 5.8
Protein 10.1

Packaging available

Packaging available:

  • Stabilo pack by 250G
  • POT by 450G and 1KG
  • Paperboard by 2KG to 10KG

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