Chocolate dragées

Superlative soul covered with a delicious layer of white, dark or milk chocolate.
Whether it’s a confit, a yogurt or a snack, our dragées will delight you in any situation.

Dragées: a tasty chocolate coating

Since more than twenty years D.A.R. S.R.L. chooses the best dried fruit from Italian and foreign traders and producers and adopts advanced techniques to maintain the nutritional properties of its products during the processing phases. This is the case of the dragées, candies made with a heart of tasty, dried fruit or cereals finished with a covering of soft dark, milk, or white chocolate.

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With the realization of dragées we can give free rein to our imagination: hazelnuts covered in milk chocolate, coffee beans covered in dark chocolate, cornflakes covered in white chocolate and many other combinations.
Dragées can also be consumed in different ways. You can think of preparing a “modern” candy bar or put them in yogurt for a quick but very tasty snack or eat them individually. Be careful though, we do not guarantee that you will be able to stop eating them because once you taste them you will not be able to do without!

Mr. Dar dragées confections available

Our online store offers you different sizes of chocolate dragées to choose from: 450 g and 1 kg pots, 2 to 10 kg box and 250 g packs. The sale of dragées is aimed at both retail and wholesale. If you are a company and you are interested in buying the products contact one of our salesmen, we will give all the information you need, responding within 24/48 hours.

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