Amarena cherries covered with white chocolate

The goodness of fruit mixes with the sweetness of white chocolate. This is how amarena cherries covered with white chocolate were born, real deliciousness!

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Sweet and flavor sweeping, are the white chocolate-covered amarena cherries, true jewels of the large dragées family.
We are talking about sugared almonds with a heart of soft amarena cherries covered with white chocolate. The sweetness of the amarena cherries embraces the strong flavor of the chocolate, creating such a harmonious contrast of flavors that it is impossible to resist.
To be savored one by one during a confetti or for a snack with coffee, they are great for all occasions, even as an end of the day treat for after-dinner guests and even a good gift idea for all lovers of fruit dragées.
White chocolate-covered amarena cherries are also very healthy because they combine the properties of the fruit with those of chocolate, bringing so many benefits to the body. Black cherries contain vitamin B17, which is great for its anti-cancer properties, and flavonoids, natural antioxidants that fight cellular aging and improve vascular circulation.

Storage method

Amarena cherries covered in white chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place, free of extraneous odors and away from heat sources.
The ideal temperature is between 12° and 14°C, and it is advisable to store them in airtight containers.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 380kcal/1595kj
Fats 24.2
– of which saturated 11
Carbohydrates 56.3
– of which sugars 52.2
Fibers 1.2
Protein 4.7
Salt 1.4mg

Packaging available

Packaging available:

  • Stabilo pack by 250G
  • POT by 500G and 1KG
  • Paperboard by 2KG to 10KG

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