Almond meal blanched

Almond meal blanched is a valuable flour made from the highest quality almonds. Use it in the preparation of cakes, creams or breads.

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Almond meal blanched is made from ground almonds that are first shelled, then peeled and rendered as grains until precisely a grainy mixture is achieved.
Our almond meal blanched, unique in quality and taste, has a sweet and delicate flavor. It is healthy and versatile; in fact, it can be used to make so many specialties, such as cakes, ice cream, decorations, and cookies. It is also suitable for making gluten-free recipes, in the diet of people with celiac disease and in vegan cooking.
Nutritionally, it is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and protein and is also a very valuable antioxidant.
Almond meal is a wholesome and convenient solution. Use it as an alternative to conventional flour and you will not regret it!

Storage methods

To preserve the product’s freshness, it is recommended to store almond meal in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place.
To increase its shelf life further, it can be freezer frozen by sealing it tightly.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 575kcal/2415kj
Fats 55.3
– of which saturated 4.6
Carbohydrates 4.6
– of which sugars 3.7
Fibers 12.7
Protein 22
Salt 14mg

Packaging available

Packaging available:

  • SV by 250G to 10KG

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