Hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate

Hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate are the result of covering fine hazelnuts with delicious dark chocolate. Impossible to resist such a mouth-watering combination.

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Hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate are delicious chocolate-covered hazelnuts made from the finest quality ingredients.
The hazelnuts are first dry roasted and then covered with pure dark chocolate, a chocolate made only with cocoa butter and no added vegetable fats.
This is a great product as a snack or treat and for garnishing or decorating desserts. Dark chocolate covered hazelnuts contain fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium and important antioxidants. Thus, you can enjoy your dose of sweetness without guilt.
A package of these tasty chocolate balls is also a great gift idea. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Storage methods

For the flavor and quality to remain unaltered, hazelnuts covered with dark chocolate should be stored in a dry, cool place, out of sunlight and airtight. The ideal storage temperature is between 12° and 18°C.
It is also recommended that the product be consumed by the expiration date indicated on the package.

Additional information

Weight 0,26 kg

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 501kcal/2104kj
Fats 28.3
– of which saturated 9.3
Carbohydrates 61
– of which sugars 51.6
Fibers 7.5
Protein 6.8
Salt 1mg

Packaging available

  • Stabilo pack by 250G
  • POT by 450g and 1KG
  • Paperboard by 2KG to 10KG

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