Quality Control

D.A.R. S.R.L. has always been considered synonymous of quality. This is guaranteed by continuous controls along the entire supply chain process: from the selection of raw materials through processing to retail. The quality control of our products makes use of advanced laboratories in which the most complex microbiological analyses are carried out.

The dedication and perseverance with which we work to control our products has led us to obtain the most important certifications:

BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety)

This guarantees that our brand products are produced according to clearly defined quality standards. This guarantees the food safety of our products and is a necessary prerequisite for being able to export our products, as well as a strong guarantee for the reliability of our company.

Kosher certification

This concerns the set of religious rules governing the nutrition of observant Jews. This allows us to export our products to countries where the Jewish religion is observed.

FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration)

Guarantees the safety of public health by ensuring that food is healthy, safe and appropriately labelled.

Organic certification

Organic certification attests that the production chain of a product adheres to strict environmental and ethical standards. This implies minimal impact on the environment, limited use of chemical pesticides, and respectful animal management, promoting sustainable methods and animal welfare. This certification assures consumers that the product is produced in harmony with nature and with respect for living beings.

Halal certification

The halal food certification ensures adherence to Islamic standards in the production, preparation, and consumption of food, in accordance with Islamic law known as Sharia. The term “halal,” meaning lawful or permitted in Arabic, contrasts with “haram,” which denotes forbidden or prohibited foods.

The standards of halal certification include:

Origins of Food: Assurance that foods come from lawful sources, such as animals raised according to religious dictates, excluding prohibited ingredients like alcohol or pork.

Hygiene: Assurance that foods are prepared and handled in hygienic environments, avoiding contamination from forbidden substances.

Traceability: The ability to trace the origin and production process of a halal-certified food item, ensuring compliance with Islamic standards.

synonymous of quality

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