Start your day in a good way with our breakfast products! Fibers, Carbohydrates and lots of deliciousness!

Breakfast: chocolate covered products

Breakfast is the most important meal and allows us to start the day in the best way. A well-calibrated breakfast must include milk or yogurt, but why not also add grains of rice crispies, cornflakes or cereals with honey? If you’ve never tried our breakfast products, we recommend you do so now!

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Mr. Dar offers a wide range of breakfast products able to satisfy everyone: from the mass retail channel to the final consumer, so ready to be consumed at the table.

In this category you will find a wide range of products for breakfast, including cereals, honey rings, rice crispies, crunchy muesli, multigrain, cornflakes, bran flakes, wafer, all covered with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or chocolate mix.
For these breakfast products the available packages are the pack of 250 g, the POT of 450 g and 1 kg or box of 2 to 10 kg. Depending on your needs, it is up to you to decide on the ideal package.

Why is it important to have breakfast?

A rich and healthy breakfast of milk or yogurt enriched with nuts, cereals, or rice crispies is the ideal solution from a nutritional point of view. You are satiated, it activates your metabolism so that you burn calories faster, it helps you face the day more actively, you are more focused, and it also increases your cardiovascular well-being. In addition, for lovers of the great Turkish, ideal for breakfast are our Cornflakes. These turn out to be excellent products for their high content of calcium, iron and vitamins.

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