Roasted and peeled hazelnuts

Roasted and peeled hazelnuts, which belong to the large family of dried fruit, are peeled hazelnuts, shelled and subjected to roasting to enhance the flavor. It is a tasty and healthy product, perfect for snacks and for the preparation of many dishes.

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Roasted and peeled hazelnuts are immediately identified by their delicious smell. There are many varieties of hazelnuts and they differ in their particular shape, which can be round or elongated.

All hazelnuts delight the palate and are true protagonists in the kitchen, being perfect in both savory and sweet dishes.

You can add them to cereals, salads, sauces, puddings or use them to give crunch and taste to first courses, fish and meat main courses. They are really precious in confectionery and ice cream because they are a basic ingredient of many creations, such as creams, ice creams and cakes.

Roasted and peeled hazelnuts, besides being delicious and irresistible, are also beneficial to our body: they are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant useful for the prevention of some types of cancer and are an excellent source of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and proteins. They contain a high percentage of essential fatty acids, the so called good fats. You can indulge in these tasty hazelnuts even between meals, as a protein snack.

Roasted and peeled hazelnuts: storage methods

 Roasted and peeled hazelnuts to be stored in a proper way in order to prevent them from getting mouldy because of humidity and in order to preserve taste and aroma over time. Our suggestion is to keep them in hermetically sealed jars, preferably made of glass, far from heat and humidity sources. The ideal condition of keeping in summertime is in a refrigerated environment. During the winter season the product can be kept without any problem at room temperature, because of low temperatures.

By following these indications the product will keep fresh and fragrant for many months.

Additional information

Weight 0,26 kg

Stabilo pack, Vacuum


1Kg, 250gr

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 670kcal/2814kj
Fats 64.1
– of which saturated 4.2
Carbohydrates 9
– of which sugars 4.9
Fibers 8.1
Protein 15
Salt 27.5mg

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  • SV by 250G to 10KG
  • Bags by 25KG
  • Big bag by 1000KG

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