Roasted and salted cashews

Roasted and salted cashews represent the quick appetizer for excellence. Eaten as a snack, they are perfect for buffets and aperitifs. Roasting makes the product crispy, while the already aromatic flavor is further emphasized by salting.

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Cashews are a type of dried fruit originating from South America, precisely from Brazil. With a lower content of fats compared to other types of dried fruits, they are excellent to accompany or realize both sweet and salty dishes. By grinding them they can be used to make pesto and they are very pleasing to be added to salads, fruit salads, in muesli for breakfast.

For those who are more careful about nutrition, a moderate consumption is however recommended even though they contain healthy substances for heart and blood vessels, such as oleic acid. They are also considered as natural antidepressants, supporters of psycho-physical wellness.

Additional information

Weight 0,21 kg

Stabilo pack, Vacuum


1Kg, 200gr

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 604kcal/2526kj
Fats 46
– of which saturated 9
Carbohydrates 33
– of which sugars 5.6
Fibers 3
Protein 15
Salt 1g

Packaging available

  • Stabilo pack by 200G
  • SV by 250G to 10KG
  • Put by 500G and 1KG

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