Sliced blanched almonds

Sliced peeled almonds with a distinct and unmistakable taste, ideal for decorating and enriching many culinary preparations, both sweet and savory.

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Sliced peeled almonds are a product made from natural almonds previously shelled, then peeled and finally sliced.
They have a decorative use for cakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream and baked goods, but they also lend an alternative and delicious taste to meat and fish main courses, from chicken to salmon.
Almonds are also valuable allies for the health of our bodies because they are rich in fiber, protein and minerals including iron, calcium and magnesium, zinc, B and E vitamins, amygdalin or vitamin B17, which has important anti-cancer properties.
Choosing D.A.R. S.R.L.’s sliced peeled almonds is a guarantee of the highest quality: our company selects the best raw products, devoting itself with perseverance and dedication to product control throughout the supply chain process.

Storage methods

To keep peeled and sliced almonds always fresh, store them in airtight food containers, freezer bags or vacuum-sealed bags. This way they will retain all their organoleptic properties for longer.

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