Sultana raisin

Sultana raisin is a type of white table grape grown in the Middle East and mainly in Turkey, Greece or Iran. Sultana raisin is usually used to sweeten desserts but also to add an extra touch to side dishes that accompany a main course. It can also serve as a tasty decoration for desserts.

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Sultana raisin is a food rich in benefits that can enrich many dishes. Sultana raisin is rich in minerals such as especially potassium, iron and calcium. The presence of fiber helps intestinal transit and can help solve constipation problems.

Storage methods and available packaging

To get the best benefits from this product, it is good to know how to store it. After all, if stored in the right way, sulltana raisins will be good for use for several months. The best containers for storage are airtight ones, for example ceramic or glass containers with screw-on caps. As for temperature, the ideal temperature is +10° C. Therefore, the most suitable storage environment is a cool place, as far away as possible from heating devices and domestic heat sources.

It is recommended to consume the product by the expiration date indicated on the package.

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