Dark chocolate raisins truffle with cocoa

Dark chocolate raisins truffle with cocoa is an alternative to sultana raisins, because covered in a dark chocolate layer with an outer layer of cocoa, it will give you a moment of irresistible pleasure.

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Pure dark chocolate is combined with the best quality raisins: thus dark chocolate raisins truffle. This particular type of raisin contains so many properties: it is rich in minerals, fiber and polyphenolic substances that have important anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.
There are also so many uses for it in the kitchen: you can enjoy this delicious dark chocolate raisin as a snack or for breakfast, so that you have a good dose of energy to face the day at its best, or use it to give a touch of sweetness to cakes, cookies and lots of desserts.
After all, there are so many sweet creations typical of our peninsula made with raisins: a classic example is the Christmas panettone.
Dark chocolate raisins truffle with cocoa give an unmistakably unique flavor to any preparation. You just have to try it!

Storage methods

To extend the shelf life of raisins, it is necessary to place them in a cool, dark and dry place. It is preferable to use glass containers and cans that have an airtight seal.
For shelf life, we advise you to look at the expiration date indicated on the package.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values for 100g of edible product

Nutrients Unit
Energy value 439kcal/1843kj
Fats 16.4
– of which saturated 9.4
Carbohydrates 67.1
– of which sugars 54.4
Fibers 7.9
Protein 5.4
Salt 1.3mg

Packaging available

  • Stabilo pack by 250G
  • POT by 450G and 1KG
  • Paperboard by 2KG to 10KG

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