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Important certifications to guarantee you the best quality.

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On D.A.R. S.R.L. you can buy various dried fruit products, from hazelnuts to walnuts, from almonds to pistachios and much more, either wholesale or in detail.

The sale of dried fruit products is aimed in particular at wholesalers, confectionery manufacturers and retailers who want to be supplied with raw materials of high quality and food safety. As proof of this, our entire nuts production is recognized by an international BRCGS certification, which is synonymous of product safety and quality of production processes.

Online wholesale and retail of nuts

Depending on your needs, you can request the supply of nuts in shell or processed such as diced, flour or paste. During production, we take care of every stage of transformation and processing in order to guarantee products that preserve all the peculiar aspects of the raw materials from which we begin.

For any further information, please contact us using the form provided. We will contact you within 24/48 hours.

Natural, roasted or salted nuts

To ensure the improvement of the taste, flavor and texture of our nuts, we carefully carry out the roasting and dicing processes. Specifically, we take care to process the nuts using procedures that minimize the risk of altering the good fats and natural oils that they contain.

Diced nut

The processing of nuts into diced is carried out with the utmost care and attention in accordance with all standards of production processes.

In particular, almond or pistachio diced are perfect for use in both sweet and salted preparations.

Nut flour

Our nuts flours are finely grounded, ideal for incorporation into cake mixes or for making biscuits and macarons.

All production processes are carefully followed, meeting all production standards

Preparations and pastes with nuts

Confectioners mainly use D.A.R S.R.L.’s fatty pastes and ice-cream parlor is for the production of their confectionery products and they are made with care, following all production standards in detail.

Nut prices for industries

availability and type of processing required. During periods of high demand but low supply, the price may be higher than at other times of the year. We therefore recommend to contact one of our sales team for more detailed information.

There are also many variables to consider when it comes to delivery times. In any case, we tend to process and send our orders in the shortest possible time, always respecting the agreements established in the contractual phase.

Contact a sales person to buy nuts in bulk

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We produce and package dried fruit on behalf of third companies

Those who choose D.A.R. S.R.L. have a reliable and prepared partner at their side who is committed to satisfy every request received. In order to support the many small productive realities, we deal with the production and packaging of nuts on behalf of third companies.

Processing on third party account allows to have at disposal professionals of the sector who put their skills at the service of other entrepreneurs. With a trained team and cutting-edge machinery we provide for the processing of the product. We take care of all the processing phases (except for the harvest) of hazelnuts, walnuts and all dried fruit in general, but also of the realization of chocolate and pralines products.

Small and big distributors are choosing us every day since they are satisfied and place a lot of trust in us. To receive more information on the processing on behalf of third companies, we invite you to contact our sales representatives.

Contact our sales area

The quality control of our products is guaranteed throughout the supply chain process using advanced technology.

We select raw materials with care and focus on the environmental with the use of recyclable materials. One of the primary goals of our enterprise is to minimise alterations to the product’s taste, aroma and appearance. Our quality control employees do laboratory analysis before placing the products on the commercial market.

All our production is recognized by an international certification BRCGS, synonymous with product safety and quality of processes.

For more information on quality control visit this page.

In order to guarantee to the companies that turn to D.A.R. S.R.L. a product that is safe and of high quality, we turn to the best local or international producers for the purchase of raw materials. Before using them in the production processes we select them carefully ourselves.

Yes. There is a minimum order quantity for the purchasing of our products, since we turn to wholesale selling supplying wholesalers, confectionary industries and retailers. The amount of order can vary by product type, so for more information contact a commercial.

Our goal is to guarantee to the final customer that the product arrives intact and in the shortest possible time.

For these reasons we turn to reliable couriers distributed throughout the national and international territory.

Orders will be processed within one week. However, delivery times vary depending on the type of processing required and the availability of products on the market at the time the order is placed. We are committed to delivering the goods in the shortest time possible.

We package products in vacuum, paperboards, Pot, Stabilo Pack, in drums, buckets, tanks, pillow bags and big bags. We ship the goods in secure packages that guarantee their integrity and wholesomeness.

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